Crazy Cravings in Williston

In response to a post online, the owner of a local restaurant is assuring the public that his food is safe.

On Sunday, Feb. 16, Amanda Gepner posted series of pictures on Facebook that show what she says is food she received from local Mexican restaurant Crazy Cravings. The picture reportedly shows a partially eaten burrito, with an unknown material covered in hair within it.

Gepner says she and her husband had visited the restaurant on Feb. 15 and purchased food, which they took home. She said she didn’t discover the questionable item until she attempted the finish the food the next day. Upset and disgusted, she said, she posted the photos to Facebook to bring attention to the matter.

In no time, comments flooded the post, with many calling the story in to question.

Crazy Cravings owner Jesus Torres also chimed in, asking Gepner to contact him so they could discuss the matter further. Torres spoke with the Williston Herald, and said that he has already scheduled a visit with the health inspector to visit his restaurant and do a full investigation into the claims.

Torres said based on Gepner’s pictures, it did not look like any menu item Crazy Cravings sells, and hopes that the inspection will bring the matter to an end.

“We stand behind what we do, and I have no doubt that once this clears up that people will know that we do our best and we keep our food quality.” Torres said.

Gepner said that she had made contact with Torres, and would be providing the health inspector with the food in question as part of the investigation. Torres said he has also set aside the batch of food that it is alleged to have come from, and both will be tested. He added that he has asked that the health inspector announce the results of the investigation to the public, but says he is confident in his staff and the restaurants food-serving practices.

Gepner said she regrets how negative the comments turned on the post, saying her intention was not to hurt Torres or his business, but to simply bring the situation to light.

She said she has several issues with food service in the area, and that her post came more out of frustration than anger.

She and Torres both said they hope the matter is resolved quickly.

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