Soon, the City of Williston staff located in City Hall will relocate to the current/old Public Works and Engineering building on 809 5th Street East once Public Works and Engineering moves into their new facility and the remodel of the ground level of City Hall begins.

First, I want to reassure you that this won’t negatively affect the service we provide, and you will still be able to drop off your water payments in the drop box outside of City Hall during this time.

That said, you’ll need to head down to the temporary location in what we have now been calling the old Public Works facility for anything you need to do in person, including special permits. Next, I actually want to let you know that what’s happening in Williston over the next few months — particularly with the City of Williston — will change service; it will change service for the better.

Williston was a different place in 1981 when Public Works and Engineering moved into its current facility and 38 years later with over triple the staff, we out grew it quite a while ago. The new facility that we will move into this fall has been designed with operational demands and a growing staff in mind.

While we’ve made the old facility work for much longer than our growth should have allowed, the new facility has been designed with the next 40 to 50 years in mind. It’s been designed with service to our community in mind.

How? First, it’s a low maintenance building; an important factor when you consider that maintenance efforts are better spent keeping our roads and streets clean and clear. The new building will also help increase the efficiency of our Public Works department who are currently working out of separate buildings and modules.

At 96,000 square feet total, with 21,000 square feet dedicated to office and support space and 75,000 square feet dedicated to vehicle service and storage, we can now operate effectively, efficiently. To get snow plows out sooner. To get streets cleaned faster. To get Williston’s people home safely.

City Hall’s staff — although much smaller than Public Works — has also grown and their building hasn’t seen renovation on the lower level since 1987. The services and the way that service is provided, how citizens expect to interact with information, has changed a lot since then and the new design for City Hall considers the people using the facility first.

Let me be clear, I don’t just mean the people who work in City Hall, I mean the citizens in Williston who depend on City Hall. This includes of course a larger commission room with updates that will help bring commission meetings and the information from them to the broader public, but also changes to the general layout and how we provide service that we are pretty excited to show you in the coming months.

It’s been a long road, but this fall, with the completion and opening of both XWA (first day of flights are set for Oct. 10 with a community grand opening celebration scheduled for Oct. 5) Public Works and Engineering , and not too long after that a renovated City Hall, Williston’s people will have the public facilities they need and depend on set up for them for the next four or five decades — the kind of work and planning all of Williston should be proud of.

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