Arrest warrants have been issued for two area men after police say they pistol-whipped an unidentified Williston male in a drug deal gone awry.

Police are seeking charges against Ezra Miguel Toavs and Matthew Dennis Welty that include conspiracy to commit robbery, a class A felony, and aggravated assault, a class C felony. Police are also seeking a charge of robbery, a class A felony against Toavs and accomplice to robbery, a class A felony, against Welty.

According to an affidavit of probable cause from the Williston Police Department, police were contacted by the mother of John doe on Jan. 6 about the incident.

Doe told law enforcement he’d been contacted by a juvenile identified as J.M. who had arranged for a deal between Doe and Welty for one gram of marijuana. The deal was to take place in the parking lot of the apartments where Doe and his mother lived on Jan. 6. But when Welty arrived and exited the truck, a Hispanic male, who police later identified as Toavs, also appeared from behind a parked car, with a pistol, Doe told police.

Toavs hit Doe in the head with the pistol, while Welty choked Doe and struck him on the head.

Doe told police he fell to the ground, and was having trouble breathing as Welty choked him, after which Welty took everything out of Doe’s pockets, including an iPhone XR and the marijuana Doe had planned to sell Welty.

Doe was able to get up off the ground and run toward the apartment building. But Doe told police he heard Welty behind him, yelling at Toavs to shoot him.

Police report finding Doe’s shattered iPhone in the parking lot of the apartment complex.

They also observed visible injuries to the head, face, and other areas of Doe’s body.

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