Larry Trout

Larry Trout

A 77-year-old was sentenced Tuesday, Sept. 28, to five years in prison for rape as part of a plea agreement.

Larry Trout was charged with a class A felony count of gross sexual imposition in December 2018. In April he entered an Alford plea to the charge as part of a plea agreement with prosecutors.

In an Alford plea, a defendant doesn’t admit guilt but does acknowledge prosecutors have enough evidence to make a conviction likely.

Trout is accused of sexually assaulting a disabled woman in July 2018. In August 2019, while the case was pending, Trout was judged not competent to stand trial. The case was reopened in October 2020 after Trout went through treatment.

Steven Mottinger, Trout’s public defender, said he and prosecutors negotiated for a long time to find a deal acceptable to both sides.

“This is not a perfect agreement,” Mottinger said.

A caseworker who works with the woman Trout was convicted of assaulting asked for the maximum sentence of 20 years in prison. She wrote a victim impact statement that explained how much harm the woman suffered, including long-term mental health concerns.

Northwest District Judge Kirsten Sjue explained that because the plea agreement was binding, she could accept or reject the deal, but not alter the terms.

The charges were serious, but the defense and prosecution both worked through the considerations, including the harm to the woman and Trout’s health problems, Sjue said, so she accepted the agreement and sentence Trout to 10 years in prison, with five years suspended. Upon release he’ll have to serve five years of supervised probation and register as a sex offender.

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