Two spills dumped nearly 500 barrels of produced water in nearby counties, according to the North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality.

One spill happened Saturday, Jan. 11, at a well in McKenzie County, according to a news release. The well, operated by Landtech Enterprises LLC, is about 14 miles east of Watford City. The spill was reported Monday.

A valve failure caused about 290 barrels of produced water — a byproduct of the oil and gas industry — to spill, with about four barrels affecting pasture land.

The second spill happened Monday in Renville County when a break in a 3-inch fiberglass pipeline spilled 200 barrels of produced water that impacted agricultural land.

Cobra Oil & Gas Corporation, which owns the pipeline, is investigating the cause of the break..

Personnel from the NDDEQ are inspecting both sites.

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