North Dakota's Congressional delegation unanimously praised the decision of a federal judge to deny a request from the Standing Rock Sioux and other tribes to shut down North Dakota’s largest pipeline because it now lacks the proper federal authorization to cross under Lake Oahe.

“This ruling is welcome news for North Dakota, the Three Affiliated Tribes and our country’s economic and national security,” Sen. John Hoeven said. “The Dakota Access Pipeline was built with the latest technology and safeguards and has safely operated for the last four years. We need infrastructure like this to support a growing economy and for our country to remain energy independent. That’s why we’ve repeatedly made the case to President Biden, the administration and the Corps to keep the pipeline flowing while the court-ordered environmental review moves forward, and today’s ruling does just that.”

Sen. Kevin Cramer, meanwhile, said reason had prevailed over politics.

“The pipeline has passed every environmental review put before it by multiple administrations and overseen by career professionals who know the pipeline has been operating safely for four years and believe a shutdown is unnecessary,” he said. “Now this modern piece of infrastructure can keep moving hundreds of thousands of barrels of domestic oil per day instead of by more dangerous, expensive, and higher-emission methods like by truck or rail. Judge Boasberg’s ruling is a win for states’ rights, energy independence, and the American people’s pocketbooks.”

Pipelines are the safest transportation method, Rep. Kelly Armstrong said.

“DAPL provides thousands of jobs and millions in tax revenue that our state and the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara Nation rely on to provide services,” he said. “I am confident that when the Army Corps of Engineers completes their second environmental review, they will again conclude that the DAPL is safe and provides immense value to the people of North Dakota.”

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