The decision by Keystone XL pipeline developer TC Energy to end the project provoked a reaction from regional lawmakers.

Termination of the Keystone XL Pipeline is a win for environmental extremists and a loss for American workers,” Rep. Kelly Armstrong, R-N.D., said. “President Biden’s recission of the pipeline’s permit in January was a signal to activists across the country that his administration will not defend American energy jobs and that their political attacks on energy infrastructure are ok with him. The ability to safely transport our energy resources to market is critical for the thousands of North Dakotans who rely on energy production to feed their families. I will continue to fight for energy policies that help move North Dakota and our Nation forward.”

TC Energy announced the decision Wednesday, June 9, months after President Joe Biden revoked the project’s presidential permit.

Rep. Matt Rosendale, R-Mont., criticized the decision to pull the permit as the cause of the cancelation.

“President Biden owes Montanans an explanation as to why he decided to pull the Keystone XL Pipeline permit,” Rosendale said in a statement. “This killed a project that was going to be critical to Montana. The administration has reversed over a decade of planning for our local governments, cut funding for our school systems, and sacrificed the communities that were dependent on revenue from this project to get through the pandemic. We are already seeing the price of Biden’s war on energy independence, and I fear its impact will only get worse.”

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