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Terry Koontz, Equinor, Cary Longie, Oasis Midstream Partners and

Robb Oringderff, Goodnight Midstream accept the Williston Basin Chapters API Innovation Award in this 2018 photo.

When Jay Almlie is talking to oil and gas companies about joining the iPipe Consortium, formed to help push forward leak detection technology, there is a very important award placed strategically just behind him.

The award is the 2018 Industry Innovation Award from the Williston Basin Chapter of the American Petroleum Institute.

It’s one of three industry awards the chapter gives out each year to salute the best and brightest ideas the oil and gas sector has to offer in a given calendar year. It’s a one-time salute, but it’s continuing to have a positive effect for the iPipe consortium.

Almlie has it prominently placed, so that any prospective members to the consortium can see it.

“The American Petroleum Institute is that sort of gold standard of peers for us,” Almlie said. “It comprises every oil and gas company out in northwestern North Dakota. So when the Williston API bestowed this award on the iPipe, it was really, for an early program, our first tangible accolade. It has helped us attract other applicants.”

The iPipe Consortium uses a Shark Tank style competition to pick the next most likely advance in leak detection to test in the field and help get it commercially ready.

The coalition began with four founding members after the governor challenged industry to find a way to get to zero leaks. The four were quickly joined by three more members. The group today is nine members strong, and growing.

“When we got the award, iPipe made the news,” Almlie said. “Companies heard about it and called us to learn more. This is a great way for industry to recognize their peers for doing good things above and beyond the call of duty,” Almlie said. “It meant a lot to us, and I show that trophy off every week.”

This year, and every year, anyone working in or with the oil and gas industry can help salute the entities that they feel are elevating the oil and gas industry in their neighborhood.

There are three main categories, Community Service, Industry Innovation, and Outstanding Achievement.

Nominations for these awards are being sought until close of business Friday, Oct. 18. Visit https://www.willistonapi.com/Banquet/Awards to download a nomination form, and help shape the oil and gas industry that you live and work with every day.

Individuals do not have to be a member of API to submit nominations. They just need to be operating in or contributing to the oil and gas industry in the Williston Basin.

Last year’s award winners also included Oasis Petroleum for Community Service for supporting a variety of community causes, and to Tractor and Equipment Company for Outstanding Achievement Group for a solutions-based mentality in its work with oil and gas customers throughout the Bakken.

Bob Reynolds won the Outstanding Achievement Individual award, for a commitment to honesty and integrity that is above and beyond the call of duty for his work in the oil and gas industry.

Jerry Illerbrun was the Lifetime Achievement honoree, for a lifetime of work in the oil and gas industry. Illerbrun was the owner of Rocket Sales and Rental.

Ken Callahan, president of the Williston Basin Chapter of the API, said the awards are a way to help recognize those oil and gas companies who are trying to do things a little bit better than their peers, and who have stuck with North Dakota despite opportunities in other basins.

“(The experience iPipe had) is the kind of stuff that makes me do what I do,” Callahan said.

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