Artists Eddie Wold will be displaying his work at the White House for the 2020 "Made in America" showcase in October.

A local artist is heading to Washington, D.C. to represent the state during this year’s “Made in America” showcase at the White House.

Eddie Wold’s work can be seen all over Williston, hanging in businesses, restaurants and offices. A Williston native, Wold took an interest in art at a young age, and has been making a successful career as an artist for nearly a decade, when he began creating unique pieces for his wife’s coffee shop, Meg-A-Latte. His unique painted metalworks capture scenes from the prairie and the oilfield, with many featuring patriotic themes honoring soldiers and first responders.

Six of those pieces are now on their way to the nation’s capitol, where Wold will showcase them alongside other American-based companies from all 50 states. Wold says through mutual connections, his name was mentioned to someone at the White House, who upon seeing his artwork contacted him almost immediately to represent North Dakota. Wold says being chosen is still a honor and a shock he still can’t believe.

“I have no words.” Wold told the Williston Herald. “It hasn’t really hit me yet. I don’t think it’s going to hit me until I walk up to the front of the White House, you know?”

Wold said everything happened so quickly that he knew he would not have time to create new pieces, instead borrowing previous works from past customers, who were excited to have their pieces shown in D.C. The pieces include 9/11, fallen soldier and firefighter memorial pieces, as well as a Tioga farm scene.

Wold and his wife will head to Washington on Friday, Oct. 2, setting up their booth on Sunday, with the showcase being held on Monday, Oct. 5. He said he hopes to get his pieces signed by the President, who Wold was told would be touring the booths alongside VP Pence and other White House staff. While moved by the honor, Wold remains humble and thankful to those who have encouraged his career.

“I just want to thank the community for their support, and the customers that have given me support over the years,” Wold said. “This is really just an amazing thing.”

The Williston Herald will be following up with Wold upon his return to share his experience. To see more of Wold’s work for yourself, visit www.eddiewoldart.com or on Facebook or Instgram @eddiewoldart.

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