Williston High School art students are tackling their most ambitious projects yet — adding a flourish of color with wall murals.

Since the high school’s completion last August, the school was delivered in pristine condition and the administrators intended to keep it that way. Routines were down by second semester in the new facility, yet something was lacking in the art, band and choir corridor — color. 

Unlike the other hallways lined with windows or interesting features, the long path to the fine arts elective classrooms was a blank canvas of off-white walls. Principal Jason Germundson approached art teacher James Skinner about finding promising students that could add eye-catching aesthetics to the halls. 

Driven under the parameters that the murals be school specific or coyote-related, Skinner’s Art III students were quick to begin sketching and once reviewed by Germundson, the juniors and seniors were off to begin their large-scale paintings. 

For the past five weeks students have been dedicating both class and personal time to the projects: five murals in total. Skinner maintains a hands-off approach yet is present to answer questions as students work through unfamiliar subjects.

“They’ve been putting in a lot of work,” Skinner said. 

McKensie Schultz, Kayla Benth and Brandy Logan, who combined forces to paint a scene of the Missouri River within the silhouette of the school coyote mascot, had initially planned a mural that would span nearly a third of the hallway, but Skinner rerouted them to a more manageable  painting. 

Alexis Gunderson found it would take several coats of white acrylic to mask the initial wall color to reflect piano keys above the choir room. 

A distance down the hall, Kamar Leary painted the word “band” with various instruments, Joshua Cullen and Joshua Zubia worked on a vibrant 2D art mural outside of Skinner’s class, and Dylan Erkal worked on the final mural to reflect the 3D design room. 

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