Out of control

A massive fire burns out of control at Red River Supply early Tuesday morning.

A massive fire at an oil company shut down Highway 1804 near Scenic Sports early Tuesday morning.

Williston Police Officer Randy Haugeno said the fire broke out near Red River Supply just after midnight Tuesday morning. Flames rose up to 300 feet into the sky as firefighters and police officers worked to remove any workers and bystanders while trying to control the blaze.

Ray firefighter Jordan Perdue said Ray and Epping fire departments are standing by at the Williston Area Recreation Center to assist the Williston Fire Department.

The police have shut Highway 1804 and the fire department moved bystanders away from the facility, saying there were barrels exploding at the scene.

The Williston Herald has two reporters on scene and will make updates as they become available.

2:14 a.m. — As of 2:10 a.m., reporters on the scene say the blaze has begun to die down.

Due to dangers at the scene, firefighters and police are continuing to keep all bystanders well away from the fire.

Police say at this time they have no reports of injuries.

2:45 a.m. — The fire near Red River Supply continues to burn out of control. While the flames have subsided some, a large fire and tremendous amount of smoke can be seen at the site.

The location is near three oil companies — Red River Supply, Sanjel and Schlumberger — and adjacent to a rail line near Highway 1804 and 12th Aevnue East.

Due to the intense flames, the Williston Fire Department is allowing the blaze to burn while working to make sure it doesn't spread.

Law enforcement agencies from throughout the region are working to keep spectators away from the scene.

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