The McKenzie County Sheriff’s Office has accused a man originally arrested for driving with a suspended license of using a false name and identity.

David Ramirez, 38, was charged with unauthorized use of personal identifying info, a class C felony, as well as tampering with public records and making a false report to law enforcement, both class A misdemeanors.

Ramirez was arrested on Sept. 21 and charged with driving on a suspended license, and told police his name was Juan Rodriguez. On Sept. 22, the McKenzie County jail was sent a warrant for Juan Rodriguez that had been issued in Buffalo, New York, but a photo sent with the warrant didn’t match, according to an affidavit of probable cause filed in Northwest District Court.

The McKenzie County Sheriff’s Office contacted Customs and Border Patrol, and a CBP agent interviewed Ramirez, who gave his real name, court records indicate. Agents told investigators that Ramirez had missed federal court dates related to him being in the country illegally.

The investigating deputy wrote that a search of court records showed that Ramirez had used the same alias in McKenzie County in May 2014 when he was arrested on several charges, and that he also had citations and convictions under the name in Colorado and Wyoming, charging documents state.

“On frequent and separate incidents since May 11, 2014, Ramirez has used his alias and provided a false name, of a real individual, to avoid the detection of his true identity,” the deputy wrote in the probable cause affidavit. “Ramirez knew that he was in the country illegally and was avoiding his federal court dates and extradition process from the federal government.”

No further court dates had been scheduled as of Thursday for Ramirez on the charges.



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