Job postings continue to outweigh the number of job seekers, according to the latest figures from Job Services ND. Paula Hickel, manager for the Williston branch, shared the jobs picture for Williams, McKenzie, and Divide counties at the Chamber’s Eggs and Issues on Friday, March 8.

The number of openings is on an upward trend, as are salaries and perks such as housing, even as the date nears for the Northwestern North Dakota Semi-annual Job Fair at the Rough Ryder Center in Watford City from 3 to 7 p.m. March 27. For more details about the job fair, visit or call 701-774-7900. Booth space for employers is still available through March 13.

1,326 — Number of jobs posted for the tri-county region with Job Services ND for February. That number can be safely doubled, Hickel said. The number is 10 percent higher year over year, and 15 percent higher month over month. Trendwise, there is usually a decrease in January job numbers, likely due to seasonal factors. The February increase suggests companies are gearing up for spring.

$28 — Average wage per hour for the tri-county region served by Williston’s branch of Job Services ND. That compares to the statewide average of $25 per hour.

1,020 — Number of jobs in the top 6 occupational groups. Many of these categories include oil production and service jobs of one kind or another. In order they are:

• Transportation and material moving, with 279 openings, up 40 percent month over month and 122 percent year over year.

• Installation, maintenance & repair, 188 openings, up 101 percent month over month and 122 percent year over year.

• Healthcare practitioners and technical, 169 openings, down 1 percent month over month but up 71 percent year over year.

• Production, 151 openings, up 101 percent month over month and 122 percent year over year.

• Sales & Related, 98 openings,up 22 percent month over month and 37 percent year over year.

71 — Number of openings in farming, fishing and forestry. This is up 108 percent month over month, and 3 percent year over year. Other categories with significant increases included Art, Design, Entertainment & Media with 16 openings, a 100 percent increase month over month and 7 percent year over year, and Community & Social Service with 22 openings, an 83 percent increase month over month and 120 percent year over year.

594 — number of active in-state resumes filed with Job Services ND. The top three occupational groups in the resumes are Construction & Extraction, Office & Administrative support, and Transportation & Material Moving. Every job grouping except Office Administrative Support and Management has more jobs than job seekers. The latter two are in a 1 to 1 ratio. In comparison to available openings, the scarcest categories for job seekers are Farming, Fishing & Forestry; Education, Training & Library; and Healthcare Practitioners & Technical.

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