The $4 monthly fee in Williston that supports mosquito control is up for renewal in the June primary election.

The $4 fee appears on the water bill for residents of the city of Williston, and must be renewed every four years. The total fee is $48 annually.

County residents pay the same fee for mosquito control, but receive a direct bill instead of having it on a water bill, since so many county residents have private wells.

Williston Area Vector Control District uses the funds from the county and city fees to monitor both disease-carrying mosquitoes and nuisance mosquitoes, as well as to apply appropriate and timely control measures when needed. These include ground fogging and aerial applications during the mosquito season.

North Dakota is home to the species of mosquito that can carry West Nile virus, Culex tarsalis.

Williams County had 11 human cases of West Nile virus in 2018, the latest data available, and two cases where animals were confirmed to have the disease.

While West Nile causes few to no symptoms for many people, but can lead to severe complications and even death for others, making it a public health concern. Those most at risk for more serious illness include those age 50 and up, as well as those with compromised immune systems.

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