Harvest of Williston, the city’s first medical marijuana dispensary, is scheduled to open on Friday, July 12.

The North Dakota Department of Health announced Wednesday, July 10, that the medical marijuana dispensary in Williston is expected to open Friday.

The dispensary, Harvest of Williston, located at 120 26th Street East, Unit 500, is the third dispensary in the state.

The dispensary will open at 8 a.m. on Friday, offering those with an official medical marijuana identification card the first chance to purchase the products in the area since voters approved medical marijuana in 2016. Alex Howe, head of corporate communications for Harvest, said the company has had success in many other markets across the country, and is happy to be able to do the same in North Dakota.

“We pride ourselves on world-class retail experience and the most knowledgeable employees in the industry.” Howe told the Williston Herald. “We’re always going to do everything by the book and spend the time to make sure that we are fully compliant and working very closely with the North Dakota Department of Health Division of Medical Marijuana. We’re excited to improve patient access in the state of North Dakota.”

Howe said the company has been in the industry for eight years, with facilities open in six states, and dispensaries opening in three more in the near future.

“We’re a reputable operator that has worked very well in medical states around the country, with an impeccable track record.” Howe said. “North Dakota will be no different. We’re excited to responsibly bring access to North Dakota’s patients.”

For a qualifying patient or designated caregiver to enter the display area of a dispensary, they must have their registry identification card. Over 750 registry identification cards have been issued to qualifying patients. Information for applicants is available on the Division of Medical Marijuana’s website at www.ndhealth.gov/mm.

It’s anticipated the next dispensary to open will be the Bismarck location. The entities in the other four dispensary regions have obtained the required special use permits.

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