As the Medical Marijuana industry in North Dakota continues to grow, many people have questions about how the program works. This week, Harvest of Williston is hosting multiple events to help the inform the public on what they need to know.

Harvest, the area’s only dispensary, will be holding three separate forums to share information about the state’s medical marijuana program. Dr. William Troutt, Harvest Director of Medical Education, will be joined by Jason Wahl, Director of the Medical Marijuana Division for the North Dakota Department of Health on Friday Oct. 25, and Saturday, Oct. 26, to give residents a more comprehensive look at the state’s program and how to get involved.

On Friday, Troutt will be visiting the Heritage Center in Williston to visit with seniors to go over topics such as how do I get started with the program, risks and benefits, and safety issues such as drug interactions. Harvest Community Outreach Coordinator David Grandon said Troutt will be discussing how medical marijuana could be used to treat certain things, such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, arthritis and more. Troutt will then be visiting with nursing students at Williston State College, going over the specifics of the program from a medical professional standpoint.

On Saturday from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Troutt will be joined by Wahl at the Williston ARC for a community forum, where the public are invited to listen and ask questions.

“(Wahl) is going to open things up and talk a little bit more specifically about the program,” Grandon told the Williston Herald. “Things like how you get your card, is there any special accommodations for veterans, that sort of thing. Really just going over the mechanics of the North Dakota program. Dr. Troutt will do a little bit more broader talk about realistic expectations and products that are available, and even costs for that.”

Other topics up for discussion will be finding out if you are a candidate for the medical marijuana program, how to get registered as a medical marijuana patient, how does medical marijuana work and how will it affect an individual, what the various cannabinoids are and how they might help with medical conditions, what products are available and how much they cost, and much more. Grandon added that the forum is also a time for employers to ask questions about how medical marijuana fits into their business policies and procedures.

“What our mission is is to answer questions, not to be an infomercial for our own business,” Grandon explained. “We want to make sure people are informed and don’t make bad decisions. What we want is to say that this could potentially be a really good tool in your toolbox, and share those case studies and that information with whoever wants it.”

Pre-registration is recommended for the forum, and can be done by signing up at The Williston ARC is located at 822 18th Street East.

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