Originally started in 2018 as Lindvig Family Chiropractic, the newly reorganized The Wellness Way Williston has opened with a focus on healthy immune systems.

Dr. Catrina Lindvig D.C. added The Wellness Way approach to her chiropractic practice in 2018. The reorganized Wellness Way Williston, LLC now includes partner Libby Burau, RN BSN and offers nutrition consults and in-office blood draws to expedite testing for a range of issues, including GI disorders, hormone imbalances, thyroid disorders, weight loss, diabetes, and autoimmunity.

Previously, patients needed to visit outside facilities for blood draws. With the arrival of Burau, the facility is now set up to do those blood draws in house for a quicker return on test results, greater convenience, and a faster route to implementing immune support and health restoration care plans.

“Over this past year people have become more and more aware of their current health state and are looking for alternative ways to support their bodies and immune systems. All chronic disease starts with inflammation. We help you figure out what is triggering inflammation in your body so we can remove those triggers. By supporting with dietary modifications and herbal supplements we work towards restoring normal body function,” said Lindvig.

Dr. Lindvig also continues to incorporate chiropractic care into care plans at The Wellness Way Williston office, located at 1510 Second Ave W, Ste 202, in Williston.

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