Russian Quattro

Violinists Michael Makarov, left, and Vlad Pesin of the first string quartet Russian Quattro perform Thursday at Bakken Elementary. 

A lesson on classical music turned contemporary when a pair of violin players, along with two cellists, explained to hundreds of elementary school students why they weren’t playing Justin Bieber at a concert in Williston on Friday morning. 

Kira Kraftzoff, of the string quartet Russian Quattro, pointed out that it’s rare for popular musicians to take significant places in history, while classical music has endured over centuries. 

“There are only two kinds of music in on this planet — the good music and the bad music, nothing else,” he said, before explaining that good music isn’t limited to stuffy concert-hall compositions from the likes of Beethoven and Mozart. 

The group launched into a round of songs by the Beatles, earning scattered sounds of recognition in the packed auditorium at Bakken Elementary. 

“The Beatles are classical music today, because they’ve stayed through history, and everybody knows their songs,” Kraftzoff, a cellist, said. 

The foursome performed a wide range of music, including “The Swan” from Camille Saint-Saens’ “Carnival of the Animals” and “The Tempest” taken from “The Four Seasons” by Antonio Vivaldi. Both pieces were penned hundreds of years ago, but managed to hold the attention of the roomful of young students. 

Exposure to new forms of music is a form of education that the Williston Concert Association, which presented the concert, strives for, according to the group’s president. 

“This isn’t a vocal concert, these are professional musicians that in our region we really don’t have that much exposure to,” Allen Domagala said. 

Russian Quattro performed for an older audience later on Friday, choosing numbers more likely to appeal to those with an interest in classical music.

“They tried to offer something that was of interest to everybody, and so for the kids it was tailored to a younger audience,”

Domagala said. 

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