Former Williston Herald publisher dies

Former Williston Herald publisher Darrow "Duke" Tully died this month in Tampa, Fla.

Tully, who died on June 20 at the age of 78, was publisher of the Herald from 1986 to 1988.

Tully's career in media lasted more than 40 years, and in the 1980s he rose to prominence as the publisher of the Arizona Republic and the Phoenix Gazette, two of the state's largest newspapers.

He was forced to resign on Dec. 26 of 1985 after it came out that he had been pretending to be a retired and decorated Air Force pilot from Korea and Vietman, when he had in fact never served in the military. He had been rejected by the Air Force for "bad vision and flat feet," the Arizona Republic reported.

Tully revived his career in Williston, where he took over in March of 1986.

"I've worked on small newspapers before," Tully told the Los Angeles Times. "I look at this as a great opportunity."

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