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Deana Novak lays down fabric for a Cars movie-themed quilt at her shop on Monday. Novak's long-arm quilting machine can churn through one or two quilts per day, depending on the size.

Dangler has a simple job: keep Deana Novak company — and hold on tight.

The stuffed animal is tied to the arm of Novak’s quilting machine and rides along with the robot as it churns out quilts day and night. 

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Dangler the stuffed animal has spent the last three years tied to the arm of Novak’s long-arm quilting machine. He’s featured on every one of her live-streamed Facebook videos.

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Novak has amassed a collection of 300 distinct quilting patterns. “I can do just about anything on a quilt,” she said.

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Novak pins fabric together as she preps a quilt project. When she first started, the setup would take an hour. After five years of experience, she’s gotten it down to 10 minutes.

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