jenks nesson valley field day in 2019 (copy)

Weed scientist Dr. Brian Jenks holds up a clump of glyphosate-resistant narrowleaf hawksbeard in this 2019 file photo of Nesson Valley’s Field Day.

Are weeds getting the upper hand in your garden or your fields? The fall weed forum is the place for you to get answers.

Here’s what you need to know about the event on Monday at Williston Research Extension Center.

1. This is a free event but will nonetheless feature some of the state’s top weed experts, including NDSU weed scientist Dr. Brian Jenks, cropping system specialist and small grains agronomist Dr. Clair Keene, weed specialist Dr. Joe Ikley, and Williams County Extension Agent Kelly Leo. Leo ran a weed consulting business for the better part of two decades and knows the MonDak’s troublesome weeds very well.

2. The time of the event is 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. Monday, Sept. 13 at Williston Research Extension Center, which is located at 14120 Highway 2, in Williston North Dakota.

3. Fall can be a great time to get the jump on certain weeds, but the ideal management practice will depend on what the particular weed is, as well as what you plan to grow in the space. If you’re not sure what weeds you have, bring some pictures. The photos should include the whole plant, as well as closeups.

4. For more information about the event, contact Kelly Leo at 701-577-4595 or email her at

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