North Dakota farmers are playing an essential role in the nation's security by providing safe, abundant food, even amid the coronavirus outbreak. This week is agriculture week, a good time to salute an industry that generates nearly $8 billion in cash receipts in North Dakota.

Amid the coronavirus outbreak, agriculture remains an essential part of the fabric of American life and North Dakota’s economy.

“Agriculture plays an essential role in providing safe, abundant and affordable products,” North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring said. “It’s no surprise that agriculture is recognized as a sector that is critical to national security. During this crisis, we know that farmers and ranchers are still hard at work producing food and feed for use here and around the world.”

Here are just a few facts about agriculture in North Dakota, in honor of National Ag Week and National Ag Day, which is March 22 through March 28 and March 24 respectively.

• Agriculture generates nearly $8 billion in cash receipts in North Dakota.

• Over 39 million acres of land in North Dakota are owned, operated or managed by farmers and ranchers.

• North Dakota is home to 26,100 farms with an average size of 1,506 acres.

• Production agriculture and agriculture-related industries support almost 25 percent of the workforce in North Dakota.

• North Dakota is No. 1 in the production of 10 different commodities and produces over 50 different commodities.

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