wade Fischer hemp field 2018

A hemp field in the Grenora area. 

County committee nominations sought

The deadline is fast approaching to send in nomination forms for FSA county committees. All nomination forms for the 2020 election should be post-marked or received in your local USDA Service Center by Aug. 1. For more information visit online at fsa.usda.gov/electlons.

New commodities added to coronavirus assistance

Additional commodities and other changes have been announced to the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program. They include new payment rates for specialty crops including apples, potatoes, and raspberries. Additional details are online in the Federal register at https://bit.ly/2ObqhLu and https://bit.ly/3eeQ5Rk.

To apply for the CFAP program, visit www.farmers.gov/cfap.

Hemp help

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network has issued guidance to banks on the types of information and documentation required to comply with bank regulations.

Institutions will no longer be required to file a Suspicious Activity Report on customers solely because they are growing hemp, and they may obtain a written statement from growers or photocopy of licenses attesting that they are in compliance with all applicable state, tribal, or federal requirements.

A complete copy of the guidance is here https://bit.ly/30d9NIe.

Montana weevils

Some areas of Montana are seeing high populations of alfalfa weevils, which have carried over to the second growth after the first cutting, and some are reporting potential resistance to insecticides with pyrethoid active ingredients.

For additional information on current management recommendations, visit online at https://bit.ly/2DLLrOe.

New annual grass herbicide for rangeland

The EPA has approved Rejuvra (active ingredient indaziflam) to control annual grasses on rangeland, CRP land, and natural areas, including grazed areas.

Rejuvra is a pre-emergent for control of cheatgrass, Japanese brome, ventenata and medusahead. It was previously marketed as Esplanade.

For more details on the use of this herbicide, visit

Fungicide resistance in pulses

Saskatchewan Pulse Growers has released a new guide on developing fungicide resistance in pulse crops. The guide includes management tips, as well as an explanation of what’s being seen in the Saskatchewan area.

Canada added pulse crops to its rotations several years ahead of this region and has helped provide some early indicators for disease and pest issues that are likely to develop here. The guide is very detailed and worth a look. The guide includes recommendations for products approved in Canada, many of which may also be available in the United States. However, be sure to check labels before application. The guide is online at https://bit.ly/2OoRD0G.

Foot and Mouth disease vaccine purchased

The USDA has made a $27.1 million purchase for a foot-and-mouth disease vaccine for the National Animal Vaccine and Veterinary Countermeasures Bank.

The bank was among components in the 2018 Farm Bill to prevent foot-and-mouth in the United States. Read more at https://bit.ly/391MCo1.

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