Projected crop profits for 2020 vary by region and crop

NDSU is releasing new seeds — here’s what you need to know.

1 Experienced seed growers are being sought to grow several new varieties being released by NDSU.

2 These new varieties include:

ND Frohberg — Hard Spring Wheat

ND21008GT20 — GT Soybean, suited for northwest region of North Dakota

ND21008GT73 — GT Soybean for east side of state

ND Crown — new chickpea, limited availability. Reserve quickly.

3 To reserve seeds, contact NDSU Extension Williams County no later than Feb. 21 with which seed and what quantity is desired. All requests must be reviewed by the local extension office prior to sending to NDCISA.

4 Each grower receiving seed will need to become a member of NDCISA first. An application is located on their website. The membership fee is $25.

5 If you have any questions, contact Kelly Leo, NDSU Extension Agent Williams County via phone at 701-577-4595 or email

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