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Field Days in Sidney, pictured here, are Mong the COVID-19 cancellations. There will still be virtual tours, however. They will be posted online at the respective research center's website.

This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Field Days throughout the region have been moved to virtual events.

That way, growers can safely review what is cutting edge and latest and greatest for agricultural research at their leisure, whether that is from the comfort of a couch or on a nice coffee break.

A variety of centers across the state will be putting their materials online for these virtual field days, from Williston Research Extension Center in Williston to Central Research Extension Center in Carrington.

In general, centers in North Dakota are planning to post their material on the same date they would have had their Field Day.

To access the materials, simply visit the website for the relevant center. Others, in Montana, are still in progress, but are expected to post soon.

Here’s a rundown of what you’ll find online from area research centers for their 2020 Field Days.

Williston Research Extension Center

Beginning July 8, WREC will feature short, pre-recorded videos shot on location at

Topics include:

• Irrigation in western North Dakota with Tyler Tjelde, WREC irrigation agronomist

• Intercropping peas and canola and chickpeas and flax, with Justin Jacobs, WREC irrigation research specialist

• Pipeline reclamation project with Meridith Miller, WREC dryland research specialist and Nick Birkhimer, NDSU graduate research assistant.

• Application of unmanned aircraft systems in small plot experiments with Gautam Pradhan, WREC dryland agronomist

• Dryland variety trials, with Cameron Wahlstrom, WREC dryland research specialist

• Ascochyta blight on chickpeas with Audrey Kalil, WREC plant pathologist

• Fusarium, root rot with Taheni Gargouri-Jbir, WREC plant pathology research specialist

• WREC horticulture garden with Kyla Splichal, WREC horticulture research specialist

• Kernza, a new dual-use crop for the MonDak, and intercropping of chickpeas and flax, with Clair Keene, WREC Extension cropping systems specialist

• WREC Foundation Seed Program, with Kyle Dragseth, WREC Foundation Seed/Farm manager

• WREC seed facility update with Jerry Bergman, WREC director, and Tom Wheeler who is chairman of the WREC/EARC Joint Advisory Board chairman.

Questions about the program can be directed to Williston Research Extension Center at 701-774-4315.

Sidney USDA-ARS Unit Field Day

A virtual field day will be posted soon at the Northern Plains Agricultural Research Laboratory website. As with the WREC Field Day, the virtual tour will include short presentations of ongoing research at the Froid Farm, as well as other ARS sites.

Topics will include effects of shifting rainfall levels on wheat stem sawfly, effects of continuous cropping on soil compaction, and effects of cropping sequence on nitrogen fertilization, to name a few. A recording of weed webinars that were offered for pesticide points is also available.

Points were only available to those participating in the live events, but the material is good information on weed management.

Eastern Agricultural Research Center

A virtual field day will be posted soon at the Eastern Agricultural Research Center’s website.

Among topics that will be highlighted is work on Fusarium head blight, the effects of Fusarium from scabby grain on root rot in peas, and variety trials for pulse crop resistance to Rhizoctonia solani.

There are variety trials for crops from winter and spring wheat to industrial hemp and canola, as well as efforts to identify high-protein varieties of peas suitable for Montana, and there are intercropping studies for chickpea and flax, sugarbeet fertility, and more.

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