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An old herbicide is making a new comeback, one that’s been long-awaited in the agricultural community.

Belchim Crop Protection USA has announced that its herbicide TOUGH 5EC has been approved by the EPA for post-emergence broadleaf weed control for chickpeas, corn, and mint.

Growers have not had many products to use for weeds post-emergence in chickpeas, so the new registration will be particularly welcome to those growers.

“We have been waiting for this registration for a couple of years now,” NDSU weed specialist Dr. Brian Jenks told the Williston Herald.

This group 6 herbicide does not represent a new mode of action, however. In fact, the active ingredient in Tough is one many growers will recognize — pyridaate.

“Tough was used for weed control in chickpea in the late 1990s-early 2000s,” NDSU weed specialist Dr. Brian Jenks told the Williston Herald. “Syngenta owned the product at that time, but withdrew the registration around 2004.”

That withdrawal was not due to any particular safety issues, Jenks added. It was a marketing decision as a result of Roundup dominating with Roundup Ready crops.

Belgian-based Belchim said it decided it would bring the product back to the market due to the resistance that’s been developing to glyphosate in weeds like kochia and marestail.

In Field trials, the product increased weed control in herbicide resistant weeds by as much as 30 percent, according to a media release from Belchim. There were also good results when Tough was added to a tank mix that included mesotrione and glyphosate.

That brought 95 to 100 percent control in trials conducted by Dr. Prashant Jha, an associate professor and extension weed specialist for Iowa State University.

Jenks stressed that Tough, by itself, will not control 100 percent of broadleaf weeds, and the company’s media release also stressed its use as part of an integrated pest management strategy.

“This will provide good control of some weeds such as kochia and pigweed,” Jenks said. “But it will not control other weeds like wild buckwheat. Tough will give chickpea growers an option to control small weeds post-emergence. Growers should always use aa preplant or pre-emergence herbicide, and should never rely on Tough alone to control weeds.”

Growers also cannot expect to achieve good results if they cut the rate of application. The full recommended rate should be applied.

“Tough will also require an adjuvant and a higher spray volume,” Jenks said.

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