The two school districts that serve Williston were scheduled to meet Tuesday, Dec. 22, to finalize the school board election held Dec. 16.

The boards for both Williston Public School District No. 1 and Williams County Public School District No. 8 will meet at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday for the final canvass. A reorganization plan that merges the two districts was approved Dec. 8.

The new board is made up of current members of both boards. From District 1, board President Thomas Kalil, board Vice President Heather Wheeler and board member Cory Swint won at-large seats. From District 8, board President Chris Jundt and board member John Kasmer won at-large seats while board Vice President Kyle Renner and board member Sarah Williams won the two seats reserved for board members who live outside Williston city limits.

The new school district will officially open July 1.

Before then, the new school board is responsible for negotiating teacher contracts for the new district. Members of both boards and administrators from both districts have said they expect to have the same number of teachers as the two districts combined.

Even still, because the current districts are closing, every teacher will get a notice of non-renewal.

The board for the reorganized district is supposed to notify every teacher employed in the existing districts whether they will be offered contracts by April 15. If, for some reason, there isn’t a negotiated agreement in place by July 1, no teacher can make less than they did the year before.

The new board has another major responsibility to handle — laying out the curriculum, course offerings and expected positions available for the public.

The new board has to hold a hearing where that information is presented by Feb. 1.

While the new board has some work before the new district opens, the existing districts will still continue to operate. Because the reorganization plan was approved, both boards now have limits on what they can do.

For example, neither board can enter into a new contract or renew an existing one without written approval from the other. The same is true for purchases of more than $3,000.

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