Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to circle the school in a single lap! No, it's not the next blockbuster movie from Marvel, but the pint-sized heroes from Lewis and Clark Elementary were certainly something to marvel at on Friday afternoon.

Adorned in orange and black capes and masks, Lewis and Clark's students took part in the school's annual Fun Run to raise money for the school. This year was the 28th annual run, which in years past has been a color run. This year, however, the school opted for something a little more super to coincide with Williston's Homecoming on Friday, Sept. 27. The fun run is used as a fundraiser, with students getting sponsored for their laps around the school and playground. The funds raised by the students are going towards the purchase of new physical education equipment for the school.

"In particular we are getting a set called Drum Fit," Tarren Rehak, Lewis and Clark Phy Ed teacher told the Williston Herald. "It's exercise through medicine balls and drumsticks and music. We've exceeded our goal by a lot, and that's really exciting."

Rehak said the goal was to raise $5,000 with the fun run, but as of Friday afternoon, the school had already gotten over $13,000. The students had 30 minutes to complete as many laps as they could around the school, receiving coyote paw stickers on their capes for each one completed. The students all lined up, eagerly awaiting word from the teachers that the race had begun. In an explosion of confetti, the young heroes burst forth like the Flash, whizzing by teachers, parents and other students as they dashed around the school.

Aside from raising many for the school, the students were also competing with each other to see which class garnered the most sponsors. The winning class got extra P.E. time, as well as a pizza party. After the fun run was over, the kids, red-faced and now only walking, returned to the school's gym to enjoy snack and beverages, which along with the capes and masks, were all donated by local individuals and businesses. Even tho they were worn out and ready to rest, the kids had smiles on their faces, showing that being a superhero may not always be easy, but it certainly is fun.

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