The board for Williams County Public School District No. 8, unanimously approved hiring for teachers for its planned high school program.

Beth Zietz, the district’s interim superintendent, asked the board to OK approve the positions, saying she wanted to start the hiring process as soon as possible.

In all, she said, she hoped to hire teachers, a counselor and a principal, for a total of 13 positions.

Which subjects those teachers might teach is still to be decided, Zietz told the board. Some subjects — language arts, science, social studies and math — are core subjects and would definitely be offered. Other subjects would depend on a district task force’s recommendation.

Foreign language, for example, is still being discussed.

“Are we going to offer that here or is that going to perhaps be online?” Zietz said.

The district is also looking at the possibility of offering industrial technology, vo-ag or both.

The board also approved creating a task force made up of community members, teachers, administrators, board members and possibly students to talk about what the district’s high school would offer.

The goal is to create a brochure that will explain what District 8 will offer at the high school.

The idea is to have a sense of what will definitely be offered at first and what would possible come later.

“What course areas, all of those things that will make a District 8 HS a place where students want to go,” Zietz said of what the task force will look at.

The task force is going to finish its brochure by Feb. 15, and then the board will have to approve it before it is sent out to the public.

The District 8 board voted in October to start offering high school for the 2020-21 school year. The move to offer high school grades came several weeks after the board for Williston Public School District No. 1 asked District 8 to contribute to an expansion to Williston High School.

Because District 8 has not offered high school, its students attend other districts and the vast majority — more than 200 — attend WHS.

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