As Williston Public School District No. 1 prepares for a special election Tuesday, April 9, to fund a plan to build new schools, here’s a look at some of the numbers that matter.

4,350: Approximate number of students enrolled in District 1.

3,800: Number of students District 1’s schools were built to hold.

83: Percentage of elementary students who have classes in the district’s modular classrooms.

29: Average class size in the district’s elementary schools.

35: Estimated average class size if voters don’t approve the expansion plan on Tuesday.

25: Average class size the district hopes to achieve with its plan.

1,600: Number of additional students the district would be able to accommodate under its expansion plan.

2: Number of new, 600-student elementary schools the plan calls for the district to build.

400: Number of students an addition to Williston High School would accommodate.

2: Number of questions on the ballot for this election.

$60 million: Maximum amount the district is asking to bond for on question 1 this election.

10 mills: Increase in the building fund property tax levy the district is asking for on question 2 this election.

47.57: Total increase in mills if both questions are approved.

$200: Tax increase per $100,000 of a property’s true and full value if both questions are approved.

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