Last week, Williston Public School District No. 1 and Williams County Public School District No. 8 launched a survey of residents about the ongoing reorganization discussions.

Using a website called ThoughtExchange, the districts asked: In what ways can both District #1 and District #8 work together to make the process of reorganization as smooth as possible?

People can respond and can rate the responses of others.

Here are 14 of the highest rated responses.

1. The answer is in the question. WORK TOGETHER! Focus on what’s best for the kids

2. Keep up communication with both boards and communities.

3. Make the children’s education the most important agenda. Kids deserve to have the same education if not better than we did years ago!

4. Open, honest communication. We need to clearly understand why this is so important to our community, and the benefits that will come from having one district.

5. Support for kids. The kids ultimately should be the main goal. They need support and access to resources to promote a higher education

6. We need our teachers and want them to feel supported. We want the kids to have a great education and feel they are important to the school district.

7. Stop thinking of the process as optional and just do it. Realize it is necessary and figure it out. Children in both districts deserve to have the best options available.

8. Stay united and keep moving forward. Remember, many people stand behind what you are doing. Stay positive, compromise when needed, keep the kids your top priority.

9. To encompass the Williston community. To create a unified district, share resources and funding

10. Move ND education forward by combining districts and passing bonds to build new elementary schools, not just high schools. The condition of schools in this town is an embarrassment and makes it nearly impossible to recruit QUALITY teachers.

11. To stop looking at this as a D1 and D8 separate but together. We want 1 District, we want US not his and hers! Over the years it’s always been us vs them. We should be together.

12. I believe it would be in Williston’s best interest to reorganize the Districts into one District. Board members need to come together peacefully & FINALLY resolve the overcrowding issue. Our #1 PRIORITY should be our children!!!

13. Allow continuing agreement for previous open enrollment. This would be for High School students who would no longer be district 8 but instead Ray. Students should be allowed to attend the school they have been attending. If that is what they want.

14. Regardless if people have kids in school currently or not, ALL homeowners should have a vote before their land can be moved to another district. It is only fair to hear ALL constitutes and property owners in an area/subdivision.

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