Bakken students learned a valuable lesson about where their food comes from at the school’s annual Bread Fair.

Put on by the National Hard Spring Wheat Show, the 38th Annual Bread Fair gave Bakken fifth graders a lesson about how wheat is an important resource in our region, as well as an important ingredient in many of the foods they eat. To add a little fun to the learning, students teamed up to make their own bread, mixing up ingredients from bread kits that were supplied by sponsors.

Students spent the afternoon following a recipe, adding yeast, water and honey to their flour, squishing it in bags by hand to mix it, before letting it rest. The kids watched videos and listened to speakers explain the importance of wheat to our area, and how versatile its uses are in the kitchen.

The National Hard Spring Wheat Show is taking place in Williston Feb. 13 at the Williston ARC.

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