Andrea Placher, Williston Community Library director

Andrea Placher, Williston Community Library director

Williston Community Library is taking the next step in its phased opening this week, allowing patrons to return to the library for timed browsing.

The library opened up last week to allow timed use for computers, printers, fax machines and copying. On Jan 18, the library’s doors opened up just a little wider, allowing for limited use of the library’s stacks. Library Director Andrea Placher said the opening will follow the same protocols as last week, allowing patrons to call and reserve time slots for their library visit. Placher said 30 minute appointments will be available each day, with one appointment allowed per household.

Monday through Wednesday has 10 slots available beginning at 10 a.m.; Thursday has 11 slots available and Friday has 9 slots. Patrons are given a timer and a basket in order to keep track of any books they have taken off the shelf, so that they can be sanitized before being put back.

Placher said that parents are welcome to reserve a time and bring their children to browse with them, but they are asking groups stay together. She added that while parents are welcome to bring children in to browse for books, there are still no games, toys or other activities available at this time.

The library has been closed to patron browsing since March, so Placher says she and her staff are very excited to be able to welcome the community back.

“When I tell you that it brings a tear to my eye, I’m not exaggerating,” Placher told the Williston Herald. “It’s just so exciting for us to finally be at this point. To see people walking through again and looking at books, it literally makes me tear up.We have really missed the people.”

Placher said this will be an opportunity for the public to also see the remodeling that has been done inside the library. With new carpet, paint and artwork, Placher said she hopes people feel like they’re stepping into a fresh library.

Services such as curbside pickup will still be available, as well as all other online services. To reserve a browsing slot, call 701-774-8805. Visit WCL online at or for more information on what the library has to offer.

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