city hall building mug shot

The city of Sidney is moving all of its public meetings to virtual phone conferences for the foreseeable future, due to the rise in COVID-19 cases in Richland County.

“Public participation is extremely important to the city of Sidney, so we ask that the public participate by retrieving our agendas off the city of Sidney website,” City Clerk/Treasurer Jessica Chamberlin said. “Mayor Norby must keep in mind the safety of city staff and the city council, and must keep the risk of everyone getting sick at the same time as limited as possible.”

The top of each agenda, whether city council or committee meeting, will include the call-in information for the meeting.

Mayor Rick Norby will take roll call at the beginning of the meeting. Those joining the meeting should please announce their attendance for official minutes. Norby will call for public comment, then council member comment, and then ask for a motion on each agenda item.

If you are calling for an item that is not listed in the agenda, you’ll be asked to speak under visitors. Everyone speaking should first announce their name prior to making a comment. Do not speak over or at the same time as others. Keep your phone on mute when not speaking.

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