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One thing is certain, the year 2020 will be remembered for a lot of wrong reasons.

While folks are still not out of the woods, this part of the country is in a lot better shape then most.

But, caution is still needed and there is no way to rush this virus.

It is interesting major league baseball is cranking up for a 60-game schedule in 66 days.

Now folks, that will be some hectic baseball and teams will need to win from the get-go in order to be in contention.

The Minnesota Twins join the other clubs in opening camp today.

Then you have the NBA jumping back into action with only one location, while the soccer and hockey squads are itching to get in action.

The problem in the major cities is the fact the Covid-19 virus continues to infect, not only the population, but players as well.


More important things, such as school, are still being sorted out and decisions need to be made.

Those on the college level also have some major decisions regarding the fall session.

Football at the college level is also in jeopardy, but while that is important, the health of the state and communities has to come first.

On the local front a number of activities are being planned for this month.

The hope is they receive a green light, while exercising all precautions along the way.


While we have been talking about that nasty Covid-19, it’s great to know there are folks who rally to help in a time of need.

We offer a recap from the Northwest North Dakota Community Foundation’s Relief Fund.

We have attempted to keep you up to date and we now can tell you NWNDCF has awarded just over $70,000 in grants to this point.

This has gone out to organizations and groups that are working to mitigate the negative impacts on individuals and families of the COVID-19 pandemic and oil and gas industry pressures.


A key Board of Directors continues to steward these funds and assesses the needs of communities in Williams, Divide, McKenzie, and Mountrail Counties.

Any organization and or/group are being asked to submit applications for funding for the unmet needs that they encounter, specifically needs around:

increasing access to food for individuals and families in need;

supporting healthcare institutions to educate and respond to COVID-10;

supporting human service responses; and

supporting self-isolation of individuals and families impacted by COVID-19.

Those who fall under these guidelines should make the effort to secure funding.

Organizations and groups interested in applying for funds are being asked to “think forward” and be proactive and get ahead in meeting community needs.

You should know applications will be accepted throughout the summer, with the next selection meeting being held on July 15.


For more information about the Relief Fund, interested individuals can go to

We highly recommend you take the time and follow the necessary steps to benefit others in need.

We send out a Scope Salute to members of the Relief Fund board of directors who give of their time make this happen.


Speaking of that we also send out a Scope Salute to Hunter Berg on his being named executive director of the Williston State College Foundation.

The name Berg takes us back to his hoop playing days as the Zahl native dazzled the fans on the Class B basketball courts in a Grenora uniform.

Following graduation from Grenora Berg opted to play basketball for Terry Olson, the man he is replacing as head of the foundation.

Olson is stepping down from his post effective July 1.

He is being credited with leaving a “lasting footprint” on the WSC scene.

That includes having the basketball court at WSC named in his honor.

We send out an additional Scope Salute to Olson as we spent numerous hours following his footsteps.


After playing for the Tetons Berg went on to play basketball at the University of North Dakota, only to graduate and return to his home territory.

Previously Berg also served as a coach at WSC and also filled the role as athletic director, giving him a rounded knowledge of the school and programs.

Most recently Berg has been working as the WSC Alumni and Athletic Development Director of the Foundation.

The foundation is a non-profit agency that supports WSC through strong relationships and provides financial support to WSC and students.

The slogan of the foundation is “Bringing Communities and College Together.”

To learn more about the Foundation you can call (701) 572-9275 or drop by the office at 721 East Highland Drive, Suite E.

Thomas A. Kvamme is a former resident and long time sports editor and columnist for the Herald. He can be reached at

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