We, as North Dakota Physicians, support and thank Gov. Doug Burgum for his recent executive orders mandating masks, restricting large crowds, and limiting restaurant hours/capacity. We are grateful to Governor Burgum for taking this step to protect North Dakotans’ lives in a way that optimizes livelihoods under the circumstances of significant COVID case rates, hospitalizations, and deaths in our state.

We recognize that these classic mitigation strategies, along with isolation of positive cases and quarantining of close contacts, as well as frequent handwashing and disinfecting surfaces, are the only viable options for significantly reducing the burden of COVID disease in our state while we await a successful vaccine. We thank North Dakotans for their compliance with these orders. We know that this may require significant sacrifices on the part of many of you. Please know that you are helping us, your healthcare providers and public health workers, to do our best to keep us all safe, while preserving our ability to continue caring for you when needed in our hospitals and clinics.

Know that this is not something that we need to bear forever. We are hopeful that if we all step up to make these sacrifices together now, we can hope for a flattening of the curve within 2 incubation cycles (or about 4 weeks). This will buy us precious time to deploy forthcoming better therapies, and efficacious vaccines, both of which appear to be close at hand.

In this season of Thanksgiving, we thank our Governor for taking these much-needed steps, and we thank you for doing your part with us to fight this historic pandemic.

Stay Healthy, North Dakotans!

Dr. Kathy Anderson

Dr. Travis Anderson

Dr. Samuel Anim

Dr. Stephanie Antony

Dr. Laura Archuleta

Dr. Dragos Balf

Dr. Gabriela Balf-Soran

Dr. Barbara Bentz

Dr. Lea Berentson, PsyD

Dr. Tim Blaufuss

Dr. Stephen Boateng

Dr. Nicholas Bradbury

Dr. Shannon Bradley

Dr. James Buhr

Dr. Ann Cadwalader

Dr. Nicole Careen

Dr. Paul Carson

Dr. Thomas Carver

Dr. Joan Connell

Dr. Kevin Dahmen

Dr. Jeff DeSmidt

Dr. Faith Dieleman

Dr. Terry Dwelle

Dr. Jason Erpelding

Dr. Ellen Feldman

Dr. David Field

Dr. Rene Fredstrom

Dr. Teresa Frey

Dr. Roshan Ghimire

Dr. Yvonne Gomez

Dr. Jean Gustafson

Dr. John Hagan

Dr. Ryan Hegge

Dr. Theresa Hegge

Dr. Chris Henderson

Dr. Melissa Horner

Dr. Jeff Hostetter

Dr. Michael Jankoviak

Dr. Julie Kenien

Dr. Arshad Khan

Dr. Lisa Kozel

Dr. Parag Kumar

Dr. Melissa Kunkel

Dr. Collette Lessard

Dr. Oscar Lianos

Dr. Sarah Lien

Dr. Molly Linn

Dr. Samuel Lohstreter

Dr. Sayed Mahmoudi

Dr. Antranik Mangardich

Dr. Candelaria Martin

Dr. Steve Mattson

Dr. Stephen McDonough

Dr. William McKinnon

Dr. Andrew McLean

Dr. Jagila Minso

Dr. Jason Moe

Dr. Avish Nagpal

Dr. Himadri Nath

Dr. Diane Nelson

Dr. Vanessa Nelson

Dr. Kaye Obregon

Dr. Amy Oksa

Dr. Michael Opoku-Darko

Dr. Jennifer Peterson

Dr. Myra Quanrud

Dr. Kristina Rauser-Foltz

Dr. Shannon Sauter

Dr. Melissa Seibel

Dr. Agnieszka Solberg

Dr. Haley Svedjan

Dr. Grant Syverson

Dr. Marcin Szember

Dr. Randy Szlabick

Dr. Robert Tanous

Dr. Alex Thompson

Dr. Brenda Thurlow

Dr. Chris Tiongson

Dr. Parveen Wahab

Dr. Daniel Walsh

Dr. Joel Walz

Dr. Derek Wayman

Dr. Maria Weller

Dr. Steven Weiser

Dr. Jane Winston

Dr. Joshua Wynne

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