Due to the increase of COVID-19 cases in our state and the staffing shortage in health care facilities, Dr. Wehbi, North Dakota State Health Officer, extended the waiver for temporary nurse aid registration in North Dakota. This waiver, which was set to expire on October 31, 2021, will be extended to December 31, 2021.

The waiver extends all registrations currently held by temporary nurse aides in North Dakota to December 31, 2021, and allows individuals seeking a temporary nurse aide registration to apply for registration after completing an eight-hour training course.

It also allows current temporary nurse aides to reapply for temporary nurse aide registration and waives the $25 application fee for temporary nurse aides.

All temporary nurse aides must be registered with the Nurse Aide Registry. This process requires completing an eight-hour training course, applying for registration, and having the employing facility sign an attestation statement attesting to the competency of the temporary nurse aide. A waiver allowing temporary nurse aide registration will be in place until the federal government’s waiver of these requirements expire or December 31, 2022, whichever comes first.

Since March 2020, 667 individuals have used the program. There are 341 temporary nurse aides active on the North Dakota Nurse Aide Registry.

Visit www.https://services.ndnar.org/ to access the online Nurse Aide Registry.

Please contact the Nurse Aide Registry at 701-328-2353 or naregistry@nd.gov if you have any questions.

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