A recording of the North Dakota Department of Commerce’s four-part Special Business Briefing on the Economic Resiliency Grant application process is now available online, complete with step-by-step instructions.

The recording was made of July 30 briefing, which featured North Dakota Commerce Commissioner Michelle Kommer, Dr. Andy Stahl, North Dakota Interim State Health Officer and Arik Spencer, President and CEO of the Greater North Dakota Chamber.

“The purpose of today’s session was to provide our state’s businesses a solid foundation to begin the ERG process,” Commerce Commissioner Michelle Kommer said. “Commerce is committed to serving our state’s communities and are continuously seeking a variety of avenues to ensure all businesses are prepared to apply for the ERG when the applications become open.”

The North Dakota Department of Commerce has made the grants available to private companies operating in the state for costs associated with improvements to their businesses for the purpose of reducing the spread of infection. The focus of this grant is on the marketplace, therefore production agriculture is not eligible to apply.

Grants funds are to be used to invest in ways to reduce the spread of infection, and include items such as:

Investments that reduce repetitive touch, such as:

Touchless payment systems or document signing systems

Automatic faucets, toilets and door kicks

Technology to manage take-out, or drive-through orders

Improvements that creates distance between customers or customers and employees:

Expanded outdoor dining

Partitions between workers who cannot be socially distanced

Purchases of items that directly controls infection, such as:


UV sanitizers

Temperature checking equipment

Grants will be awarded at up to $50,000 per eligible business and up to $100,000 per eligible business with multiple locations. There will be three application rounds or until funding runs out. The application rounds will occur with the following dates:

Round 1

Applications open: Date TBA

Deadline: Aug. 17

Awardees announced by: Sept. 11

Funds dispersed by: Sept. 25

Round 2

Application Opens: Sept. 14

Deadline: Sept. 25

Awardees announced by: Oct. 16

Funds dispersed by: Oct. 28

In the application process, applicants will be required to make a number of certifications, including but not limited to being registered to do business in North Dakota, having one or more permanent physical locations in the state, and having been financially solvent prior to March, and having been negatively financially impacted by COVID-19. Additionally, applicants agree that they will use the money for approved expenses only, and return the difference, if applicable.

The presentation and application training video, along with more information regarding the grant process from the session is available on the North Dakota Response website, Economic Resiliency Grant page at https://belegendary.link/ERG.

The grant application process is anticipated to open soon. Applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis. Funding will be approved if the application meets all criteria and funding is available.

Questions regarding the ERG application process can be directed to businesshelpCOVID19@nd.gov.

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