Upper Missouri District Health Unit is asking people to be cautious this holiday season. While we understand this time of year is best spent with family and friends, we also know COVID will not be taking a holiday. Because of this we are urging caution and hoping families will start new holiday traditions. Some options may be:

  • Researching some traditional foods and trying new recipes
  • Celebrating with those in your household and video chatting with your extended family
  • Having a turkey trot walk/run with household members
  • Playing new board games with your household members
  • Online shopping
  • Creating lists of what you are grateful for this year

If you do get together with those outside your household please maintain a distance of 6 feet or more, wear a mask, and wash hands frequently. If the weather is cooperative have your gathering outside. Try to minimize how many people are helping to prepare the meals.

Together we can protect the vulnerable people we love.

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