According to Elizabeth Falcon, owner of the Dance Expressions Studio in Williston, she hopes to resume regular class lessons by May 18.

With businesses now re-opening due to coronavirus restrictions being lifted, a host of local dance studios are chomping at the bit to resume their respective class schedules.

One such facility is Elizabeth’s Dance Expressions Studio, located on Second Street West in Williston. According to studio owner Elizabeth Falcon, she hopes to open up her doors on Monday, May 18.

Having been closed since March 14, she says that for the past two months, her students, like others in the area, have had to sharpen their skills through the use of pre-recorded instructional videos, as well as live online dance classes.

Although Falcon believes the online tutorials have been helpful in keeping her pupils busy, she acknowledges there were some logistical obstacles as multiple internet users within the same household would sometimes cause scheduling conflicts with live classes. Additionally, the dance mentor states there is simply no substitute for an in-person class structure.

“Parents who needed to work from home would require internet access during the same time as our live classes, so we worked around that by having pre-recorded material for our students,” Falcon tells the Williston Herald. “Given the circumstances, I think it worked out as best as we could have possibly hoped for, but I know the kiddos will be very excited to get back into the classroom.”

At Prizm Company, club co-owner Haley Bennett also says her dance studio, who also offered online classes during the pandemic, will begin a light in-person class schedule as early as this week.

She plans to hold classes three times per week with no more than six students in attendance for each class. The classes will be designed for pre-kindergarten children, as well as those preparing for ballet competition.

Like Elizabeth’s Dance Expressions, Prizm’s total enrollment is currently just under 200 students. As far as expectations for her facility’s re-opening are concerned, Bennett believes taking a wait-and-see approach is the most prudent course of action.

“We’ve talked to enough parents to know that there is a demand for us to get back in the studio now, so we are going to ease back into everything and take it from there,” Bennett states. “Right now, I don’t have anything more definitive than that.”

For Serena Christianson, co-founder and market manager at Kay Michael Lee Dance Studio, she reveals that her club is planning to hold in-person, as well as video auditions in June. Because the dance organization has already cancelled their spring recital, Christianson says a first-ever summer showcase event is tentatively being planned in its place with a target date of late June.

Currently, KML is holding rehearsals for competitions that were originally scheduled in March and April, but were eventually postponed due to the pandemic.

Also in the fold, Williston Wonderettes dance coach Tia Hennix tells the Herald that her club is holding virtual tryouts, and indicated that plans for in-person practices have not yet been announced.

”Right now we are in the process of tryouts, so we will know our new team by the end of the week,” Hennix replied to the Herald via email. “We are taking things slow and will be waiting a little longer before we hold our first practice in person.”

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