It was with a heavy heart this old scribe was able to scratch out this column.

You see folks, COVID-19 is for real.

Regardless what you might think, this virus has no friends and the best we can do to fight is take care of yourself, along with your family.

At the same time, if you are in a position to do something nice for those on the front lines, please do so.

While nobody asked to be involved in this clash, it is going to need a complete team effort to win out.

We send out a Scope Salute to everyone involved in this battle in any shape or form.

This includes everyone from the doctors to the sanitary department.

Stepping back we should tell you we just received bad news on two Minnesota friends, all within a 72-hour period.

First came word of a friend with already taking jabs against Parkinson’s, learned that he could add prostrate cancer to his battle list.

Second came a call from a fellow Vietnam veteran who tested at the VA just last Friday and he will be buried by his family today.

He will eventually be saluted in Fort Snelling.

After receiving word of being positive it was only a matter of a very short time.

While he perhaps should have been hospitalized, no one will ever have the right answer.

In looking back when the first reports of COVID-19 were released, one could only believe living in the Upper Midwest we would all be safe.

Not so, this deadly virus has worked its way into every corner and doesn’t want to let up.

Meanwhile, scientists with brilliant minds across the country, are working day and night to come up with something to counterattack.


One thing is certain, it doesn’t take any brilliant mind to realize the mask order should be observed.

This means everyone should be decent enough to take the time to Mask Up, for the good of others, if you feel the need to get out and about.

Our thoughts also go out to the elderly who have been in seclusion since March, along with the caregivers.

This is certainly no way to spend a beautiful summer.

State leaders are attempting to do what is best for everybody.


No doubt, state officials are being advised by medical personnel and better have your interest in mind.

For now hug your family and friends.

Also, if you have time on your hands, simply call to check on folks you haven’t talked to in a short or a long while.

With Facetime or Skype being available, these connections provide for a way to make it even more personal.

If not, the good old phone does the job.

With that we say, enough gloom for now.


During our downtime it’s always fun to check the activity on Facebook to follow a couple of area personalities, now making homes in the Nashville area.

First we can tell you about Celeste Krenz who was interviewed recently on a Nashville television station highlighting her business operation called The Urban Juicer.

Krenz, who made several appearances around the Williston area, turned to this brand to keep her working after opting to stay home and off the road making music.

After 11 albums and her son turning nine years old, Celeste decided it was time to squeeze in another career.

What was neat about this story is the fact she leans toward hiring out-of-work musicians for her store employees during the pandemic.

Celeste has five shops around Nashville and only two of the employees are non-musicians.

Celeste like the “go-getters,” as the type of people she wants working for her.

You should be able to Google WSMV News4 in Nashville for this story.


While Celeste is making juice, fellow musician Jim Ed Hodges has his fiddle idle for the most part.

Area folks can relate to Hodges who grew up in the Culbertson, Montana, area.

We should note his family made a move from Seattle, Washington in 1972.

However, if you have been out and around you no doubt have heard him make his fiddle sing.

A member of the famed Nashville Craig Morgan band, this group is pretty much out of business touring until next year.

Thus the idle fingers.

Jim Ed joined up with this group on June 4, 2013, and has toured the country and then some.

Listing himself as Fiddle/Utility Musician at Craig Morgan, Jim Ed previously played with Blake Shelton.

While playing some music in Nashville with friends, Jim Ed finds plenty of time to keep his fingers busy making wallets.

Yes wallets!

Some of you may even call them billfolds.


These are made from scratch as he cuts the leather and handcrafts the item, using those fiddle fingers to hand stitch his product.

He has a system down and can turn out wallets in a timely manner.

To learn more or to follow you can click on his Facebook page.

You should also know Jim Ed is a big Seattle Seahawks fan.

We’ll leave it at that.

As it stands we have our hands on a wallet and can attest they are made to last.

We hope to be able to get a taste of The Urban Juicer, down the road.

Meanwhile, let’s send out a Scope Salute to Celeste and Jim Ed for being so creative.

Thomas A. Kvamme is a former resident and long time sports editor for the Herald. He can be reached at

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