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COVID-19 cases as of July 6, 2020.

The active COVID-19 case count in North Dakota has been rising steadily, according to daily reports posted by the state.

On Monday, July 6, the state reported 33 new cases of COVID-19, with 26 recoveries, a net of four new active cases, which brings the total to 499.

That brings the state closer to its May peak, when it had 670 active cases.

Monday’s results were out of 1,238 tests, or 2.7 percent positive rate.

The state had, at one point, gotten below 1 percent for its daily positives rate.

The number of tests on Monday is a fraction of what the state can do in a single day. North Dakota has the equipment and personnel to do 5,000 tests per day, but it has struggled on some days to meet that goal.

Hospitalizations are still low. Of the 499 cases, 22 are hospitalized right now. In total, since tracking began, 245 have required hospitalizations in all.

Eighty people have died, many of them nursing home residents over the age of 65 with underlying conditions.

Sixty-nine of the deaths show COVID-19 as the primary cause of death, while 10 listed something else as the primary cause. One death record is still pending.

Sixty-six of the deaths were individuals 70 or older, and eight were between 60 to 69. But four were in the 40 to 49 age group.

Seventeen of the new COVID-19 cases on Monday came from Cass County, which has had the most coronavirus cases in the state so far, at 2,351.

Grand Forks has had 406 cases so far, and Burleigh 328, while Morton County has had 103.

In the West, Williams County has had 43 cases and McKenzie County has had 27. By comparison, Ward County, which is more populous, has had 65 confirmed cases.

The age group with the most cases is 20 to 29, with 927 in all, of which 800 are listed as recovered. The next largest age group is 30 to 39, with 791 cases in all, and 717 recoveries. The 40 to 49 age group has had 542 cases in all, and 493 recoveries.

The state overall has conducted 202,533 tests, including all those who have been retested. For unique individuals, it has tested 113,582.

North Dakota isn’t the only state where cases are rising. Florida and Texas have reported record numbers, and spikes are being reported in a number of others states from California on the West Coast to North Carolina on the East Coast, where hospitalizations after the Fourth of July weekend set a one-day high.

The Centers for Disease Control list 2.886 million cases of COVID-19 since tracking began, and 44,361 new cases on Monday, July 6. They list 129,811 deaths, 235 of them new.

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