The Williston City Commission voted to extend the timeline of a development contract with a consultant in response to economic slowdown due to COVID-19.

At the Tuesday, June 9 meeting, the commission voted unanimously to approve amendments to the Williston Square contract, which were given to the board by City Administrator David Tuan. Tuan said in the meeting packet that as the economic climate has shifted due to the COVID-19 pandemic and retail development has slowed, the City asked Cardon Global to reassess the timelines for completion of hotel, civic center, retail and other objectives that were initially established when the contract was signed in 2016.

Tuan said the result of the conversations over the past two months was the recommendation to extend critical completion timelines, but maintain the same contract price and emphasis on development of program work for affordable housing, civic center, retail attraction and healthcare district initiatives.

“The contract extension adds time to the deliverable schedule for both the city and Cardon Development primarily due to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Tuan told the Williston Herald. “Overall contract price and major initiatives remain unchanged.”

The following contract amendments were proposed and approved by the commission:

Time extension from May 2022 to May 2023

Commensurate reduction of monthly fee from $250,000 down to $128,000 beginning in July 2020.

Remove the scope of work related to the delivery of a hotel and the corresponding development fee

Prioritize continued work on refining the infrastructure master plan, healthcare district plan, advancing retail attraction, financial aid/investment opportunities, affordable housing, and civic center plan.

Release Cardon Global from obligation of General Liability Insurance for XWA now that construction is completed.

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