Band Day is taking on a new look for 2020, teaming up with the James Memorial Art Center to create a community and art-based event for the whole family.

Band Day was rescheduled in May, but the ongoing pandemic prevented the event from moving forward as normal. While the streets may not be filled with marching bands, Harmon Park will be filled vendors, activities and entertainment. The Band Day Art in the Park is taking place this Saturday, Sept 19, beginning at 10 a.m. Ashley Oyloe, events and services coordinator with the Convention and Visitors Bureau, said this year’s event has a lot more focus on the art, while still maintaining the Band Day spirit.

“It’s an art festival with a tribute to Band Day,” Oyloe told the Williston Herald. “While there won’t be a parade and there won’t be special performances like in years past, we are doing a tribute to Band Day because it is something that should be highlighted. But more importantly, we are focusing a lot on Art Fest and how the community has come together. It’s going to have that after-parade feel like you have on Band Day when you come to the park.”

There are several art components to the event, Oyloe explained, with ideas coming from the CVB and members of the James Memorial Art Center. This year’s Art Fest theme is “Community,” and the organizations put their heads together to come up with attractions that would not only be fun, but bring the community together.

The park will have several community art projects, allowing visitors to contribute to a community mural that will be displayed around Williston, as well as chalk-outline mural, to be created by local artist Christina Knapp. For those wanting to get a little messier with their art, Art Fest will have a drill-art booth, where participants add paint to a canvas and use a drill to spin the canvas and create a unique masterpiece.

Art and Comm As the canvas spins, a lot of paint is thrown off. Rather than waste that paint, the James and CVB will have canvases lining the walls of the booth to catch the excess paint, meaning everyone who participates will be contributing to the final product.

Music will be provided throughout the day from DJaden, as well as the Williston Cowboys Drum and Bugle Corps. The Basin Kruzers will be shutting down 11th street to show off their rides and hold their silent auction, wit proceeds benefiting the James Memorial. Oyloe said putting the event together and arranging the attractions and entertainment has been a trying process at times, but is happy at how it has all come together.

“I think one of the best things about this whole event is how many community businesses and non-profits and organizations came together to make something happen for Williston.” she said.

It wouldn’t be Band Day without something to eat, and there will be plenty of food vendors on hand to keep everyone’s stomach’s full while they take in glass blowing, wood carving, or blacksmith demonstrations. Along with the Basin Kruzer’s silent auction, the James will be hosting a live auction, featuring art, crafts and more from local artisans. Funds from the auction benefit the James’ restoration and operational projects.

To find out more about the day’s events, visit the CVB on Facebook at or

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