Forgotten Treasures in Williston

As many businesses close their doors to the public amid the COVID-19 crisis, others are starting to let employees go to cut costs. Some, like Forgotten Treasures in Williston, are shutting their doors completely.

The antique shop has been open coming up on three years, and was set to celebrate its anniversary in May, just before Band Day. But the ever-increasing COVID-19 crisis has put a halt to those plans, said owner Jack Nicholson. With less shoppers out and about due to social distancing and self-quarantine, Nicholson said the business has seen a significant slowdown since COVID-19 cases became confirmed in North Dakota, and that, coupled with decreasing oil prices have prompted him to close up shop.

“An antique store, you know, it’s not necessities, it’s extra stuff that people buy,” Nicholson told the Williston Herald. “The business hasn’t been doing good, and I’m worried with this coronavirus. You never know, in the next couple weeks they could put us all on home quarantine and then there will be nobody here for the business and we’re still paying the lease. So we decided to leave before it got any worse and hopefully re-open when this all blows over.”

Nicholson said he hopes that closure will not be permanent, but like many other business owners in the area, he can only take things day to day. He said store will be closing in the next couple weeks to the public, and will be closed completely by this time next month. Nicholson said patrons can follow Forgotten Treasures on Facebook for updates about the stores closures, as well as its potential re-opening and location change.

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