A ground-breaking celebration for the Williston Area Recreation Center will take place at 4 p.m. Monday on the corner of 18th Avenue and East Dakota Parkway on the Williston State College Campus.

Groundwork has already begun on the facility which is expected to open in March  2014.  

On Sept. 20, the Williston Park Board approved the guaranteed maximum price of $71.9 million for the rec center. Funding came from 50 percent of the sales tax being collected by Williston Parks and Recreation.

The new rec center will include a 50-meter swimming pool, a lazy river, two water slides, an indoor playground and tennis courts, a 200-meter running track and a golf simulator along with other attractions.

Joel Wilt, president of the Park Board, said the facility will be one of the biggest rec centers in the country, and that they hope it serves not only the people of Williston but also the surrounding area.

Funding was not available for all the amenities the Park Board had hoped. A wave pool and elevated walking track are currently not included in the plan, but Park Board commissioner Dave Slette said in a press release said the board is looking into other ways to get these items included.

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