Senor Egg building mug

Senor Egg in Williston will be opening for breakfast lunch and dinner in the next few weeks.

Williston is getting a new eatery in town offering a new take on some classic dishes.

Senor Egg is currently under construction along Million Dollar Way, setting up shop in the former Quinn’s Bar and Grill. Owner David Garcia, who helped establish the Williston Brewing Company, said opening an establishment of his own has been a long time coming.

“It’s all about dreams, right?” Garcia told the Williston Herald. “I’ve been working in the food industry for 18 years, since I was 14 years old, and it’s always been a dream to have my own restaurant, and here we are.”

Senor Egg will feature family dining for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a Mexican/American flavor. Garcia said he had hoped to have Senor Egg open several weeks ago, but delays with receiving building materials and equipment have kept the doors shut longer than anticipated.

“It’s been driving us crazy with everything getting delayed!” he commented. “But I think we’re getting really close, and I hope by the 31st we should be open for sure.”

Garcia said he hopes Senor Egg will deliver some of the favorites people love, along with some new flavors that Garcia said the area hasn’t seen before.

“We want to deliver the Mexican favorites from back home that nobody has on the menus up here.” he said. “It’s something very unique and new for Williston.”

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