Williston Rotary and the Lions Clubs are giving the public an extra chance to be a part of their joint project, as well as do some good for the community.

The two groups came together for the Rotary and Lions Pavilion at Davidson Park, raising funds for the pavilion over the past few years and constructed a new, eight-table picnic area and shelter and refurbished the two existing picnic areas by replacing the roofs. One of the way the organizations raised money for the work was by allowing the public to purchase bricks and pavers for the pavilion, which are engraved with the individual’s or business’ name and create a path leading to the picnic area.

The ribbon cutting for the pavilion was held in June, but Ken Callahan, Foundation Chairman for Williston Rotary, said people who had missed the deadline to purchase the bricks and pavers had approached him with interest in getting involved in the project. As there are still improvements to be made to the Pavilion and the park, Callahan said the decision was made to extend the deadline to Friday, September 6. That way, he said, those wanting to get involved and contribute to the project would still have the opportunity.

“We decided to open it up for a couple more months,” Callahan told the Williston Herald. “That way everyone has the opportunity to put their name into this project. Our intent with the money is to pay for the bricks and pavers and then put a few more trash cans (at the Pavilion), and then any extra funds would go towards keeping the area maintained.”

Callahan said the project will continue to enhance the park by providing for upkeep within the park and Pavilion, such as adding the additional trash cans and possibly adding more grass to the surrounding area.

“Any needs for the park, the leftover money will cover that,” Callahan said.

Individuals interested in purchasing the bricks and pavers can contact the Williston Rotary/Lions Pavilion Project at 701-572-1620.

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