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Williston City Commissioner Tate Cymbaluk, right, poses with Lemonade Day winners at Safari Trampoline Park. Winners were awarded for Entrepreneur of the Year, Most Successful, Most Creative, Best Stand and Best Tasting.

Over 200 kids registered for this year’s Lemonade Day in Williston, with 58 stands across the city selling cups of liquid sunshine. On Tuesday, June 18, some of those young entrepreneurs were awarded for their hard work, creativity and salesmanship.

Safari Trampoline Park was the setting, with around 50 kids and their families coming out to enjoy a complimentary barbecue and awards ceremony to recognize their efforts. Williston Area Chamber of Commerce Events and Marketing Manager Amanda Dickey and City Commissioner Tate Cymbaluk were on-hand to give out the awards, along with some raffle prizes to those in attendance.

Five awards were given out at the event, for Entrepreneur of the Year, Most Successful, Most Creative, Best Stand and Best Tasting. Most Successful went to the “Back the Blue-berry” stand, operated by Brynsen & Reyden Andrade. Most Creative was given to the LEGO-themed “Everything is Awesome” stand, run by Landon, Blaise and Grant Oleksik. Best Stand was given to “Red, Squeezed & Blue”, operated by Harlow and Soren Justice, Malakai Smaltz and Micah and Jonah Hastings and Caydin & Cullin Hughes’ “Golden Rule-Ade” stand took home two awards, Entrepreneur of the Year and Best Tasting.

Many of this year’s winners have participated in Lemonade Day previously, something that Chamber of Commerce President Rachel Lordemann says she enjoys seeing.

“Seeing the kids grow every year with their stands is very rewarding,” she told the Williston Herald. “As they grow older, they take what they’ve learned one year and they have a real motivation and desire to get better. Seeing that in young kids is really exciting, because I think it’s really setting them up to be successful in future endeavors, whether that’s in school or starting a business one day. I think the skills they learn here will serve them well as they grow up.”

After the awards were handed out and raffle prizes drawn, the kids were set loose into the trampoline park, each given a complimentary arcade card to use. Before they scampered off, the Williston Herald was able to chat with some of the award-winning entrepreneurs and find out how they felt about being a part of Lemonade Day.

Landon Oleksik has participated in three Lemonade Day events, and said he has learned a lot from the experiences.

“It’s helped me to improve how to run a business,” he said. “I’ve learned how to count money and I’ve learned how to talk to people better.”

Double winners Caydin and Cullin Hughes have also participated previously, using their stand to help raise money for their Tae-Kwon Do club. Caydin said taking part has helped him be more outgoing, somewhat mirroring Oleksik’s comments..

“It’s helped to be more social,” he said. “It’s helped make it easier to talk to people, because you have to be able to talk to them when you’re selling.”

Oleksik and the Hughes brothers both said they would take part in Lemonade Day again, and would encourage other kids to get involved as well, especially if they are interested in their own business.

“I would tell them to try out Lemonade Day to help them work on a business,” Oleksik said. “It really helps you learn what you need to do to make a business work.”

“It’s really fun to do.” Cullin Hughes chimed in. “And it’s really fun to win awards, that feels awesome.”

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