The right attire on Black Friday makes shopping easier

Stores spend many months gearing up for Black Friday sales. As Thanksgiving draws to a close, Black Friday advertisements have been distributed, the decorations are ready and the shelves have been stocked.

Shoppers also eagerly anticipate the chance to save money and cross several items off their holiday shopping lists. The National Retail Federation indicates 99 million people in the United States shopped in stores in 2016 for Black Friday discounts, with many more continuing to grab sales throughout the Thanksgiving weekend. Similar figures are projected the 2017 holiday shopping season.

When shopping on Black Friday, dressing the part can make shopping excursions more comfortable.

• Comfortable shoes: Comfortable walking shoes or sneakers are an absolute must during Black Friday shopping excursions. Shoppers should wear shoes that can hold up to walking throughout malls and provide comfort when standing around for long periods of time in line.

• Layer up: Depending on where you live and what time you leave the house to go shopping, initial temperatures might be chilly before rising later in the day. But shoppers should keep in mind that, as stores fill with shoppers, interior temperatures can quickly climb. Start with comfortable jeans, yoga pants, sweats or leggings. A fitted T-shirt can be worn on its own or layered underneath a hoodie or lightweight sweater.

• Free hands: Women should avoid taking along a clutch or satchel purse in favor of a cross-body bag that can be slung over a shoulder. Men or women who want to keep their hands completely free can opt for a roomy backpack to stow purchases and prevent themselves from feeling bogged down by bags.

• Minimal makeup: During a day of shopping in warm stores, shoppers’ makeup may cake, slide or feel uncomfortable.

Go fresh-faced, instead. Not having to apply makeup also leaves more time to sleep in the morning.

Dressing the part for Black Friday can make shopping excursions more comfortable.

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